Columbus Blue Jackets Bench Top Star Amid Struggling Season

Published November 19, 2023 at 5:10 PM

The Columbus Blue Jackets are having a terrible season, and it looks like things are getting worse as they have benched their top star.

Columbus Benches Laine Amid Struggles This Season

The Columbus Blue Jackets have had a terrible season so far by all measures. Even before the season started, they were forced to fire their head coach who was riddled with controversy. Now, they sit at the bottom of the standings.

Patrik Laine is one of the best players on the Blue Jackets but has struggled to start the year. With only 3 points in 9 games, Laine has had some tough luck, dealing with injury as well. Now, his luck is getting worse, as he was just benched by the team. Head Coach Pascal Vincent had the following to say about the decision.

"He's not happy about the decision, don't get me wrong. But right now I think Patty needs to take a deep breath, go back to the working lab and get his touches back, get his shot back, get his confidence back so he can be the No. 29 Patrik Laine we all know he can be." - Blue Jackets head coach Pascal Vincent

Fans are not happy with the decision. Many think Laine was put in a tough position since he doesn't have much experience at center, and would be better off playing on the wing.

Maybe don't play him at center when he has no idea how to play center defensively. It's not his fault the GM has put together a miserable center depth but he needs to be playing wing.

Columbus Has A Long Way to Come Back Amid Struggles

The Blue Jackets will need to take a serious look at themselves if they want to turn their season around. Some are arguing that they should throw in the towel and cash in on their assets to reshape the team. This includes speculation on Laine and a potential trade.

What is Laine's trade value?

We will see soon the direction that the Blue Jackets decide to take, as they creep farther away from playoff territory.

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Columbus Blue Jackets Bench Top Star Amid Struggling Season

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