Edmonton Oilers Look to Detroit For Potential Trade Involving Goaltenders

Dawson McKenzie
November 19, 2023  (2:31 PM)

The Edmonton Oilers are in need of some reinforcements in net, and they may have found what they are looking for in this goaltender from Detroit.

Oilers And Detroit Linked In Trade Talks That Could See Campbell and Reimer Traded

The Edmonton Oilers seemed to have turned a new leaf since the firing of head coach Jay Woodcroft, however, their loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning yesterday 6-4 highlighted their remaining weakness. They are in need of solid goaltending.
Jack Campbell was one of the Oilers big weak points to start the year, and now with him figuring things out in the minors, the Oilers are on high alert for his potential replacement. That replacement could be in Detroit's James Reimer. Reports have surfaced that Edmonton is interested, and could be looking to make an offer.
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James Reimer in Detroit would also be a target of Oilers at $1.5 mil but he has NTC too (seven teams). Plus, elephant in room is getting Holland's old student Yzerman to take back Campbell. And that would be costly (several sweeteners)...

Reimer would be a massive upgrade, just in terms of contract and salary cap. However, as the post notes, the Oilers would have to give up a decent amount to get that value.

The Oilers' Next Move Will Come Down To Whether Or Not They Are In a Win Now Mindset

Unfortunately for Oilers' fans, the team is in a predicament many didn't expect. They have some gaps in the roster that need to be fixed. This isn't out of the norm if your team is in a rebuild, but the Oilers were pegged as a contender. Now, it looks like they will have to decide if giving up future assets in order to win now is the risk they are willing to take.
We assume Ken Holland has asked about G Jake Allen in Montreal to help Stu Skinner, but he has 7-team no trade list, and would Edm be on that? Haps would have to eat good piece of his $3.8 mil contract for this year and next too. Oilers are in weak trade position, teams know it.

We will see if the Oilers can turn things around to give them some leverage when it comes to trade talks. However, as it stands, they are looking at a high-risk scenario when it comes to trying to get another goalie.
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Edmonton Oilers Look to Detroit For Potential Trade Involving Goaltenders

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