Connor Bedard and Nick Foligno
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Audio Leak: Foligno Upset With Connor Bedard for Taunting Him From The Bench

Published February 24, 2024 at 11:04


The Chicago Blackhawks, after winning the draft lottery over the summer, made a significant move by selecting Connor Bedard first overall. In an equally impactful off-season decision, they traded for Nick Foligno from the Boston Bruins. This trade proved to be more than just a strategic play on the ice; it fostered a unique mentorship and bond between Foligno and Bedard. Foligno, embracing a fatherly role, often invites Bedard over for family dinners, where Bedard interacts and plays with Foligno's kids, both at home and during practice sessions.

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This off-ice relationship has seamlessly translated to their on-ice performance, with both players sharing the first line and exhibiting a comfortable, teasing banter on the bench. This dynamic is noteworthy as it highlights Bedard's integration into the team and his developing rapport with veteran players, especially those he feels close to, like Foligno. The interaction between the rookie sensation and the seasoned pro adds a layer of camaraderie and personality to the team, illustrating the importance of off-ice relationships in building on-ice chemistry and team spirit.

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Audio Leak: Foligno Upset With Connor Bedard for Taunting Him From The Bench

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