Rumour: Bruins' Commentator Jack Edwards to Be Replaced

Published September 25, 2023 at 12:11

The Boston Bruins' renowned commentator, Jack Edwards, holds a distinguished position among NHL's broadcasters.

There's emerging speculation, however, suggesting his tenure with Boston might soon end.

As teams gear up for the pre-season matches, broadcasting crews are also bracing for the upcoming season, possibly with some significant shifts on the horizon.

In the recent Rangers-Bruins match, fans sensed an unusual change.

Is Jack Edwards on the Verge of Leaving the Bruins' Commentary Booth?

For the game, Jack Edwards was substituted by Alex Faust, known for his tenure as the Kings' commentator from 2017 to 2023.

"Update: Jack Edwards is not on the mic tonight for NESN. Planned absence. Alex Faust, formerly of NU and LAK broadcast booth, is on the call with Melrose's own, Andy Brickley."


Has Edwards' Successor Been Identified?

Although Edwards' absence was reported as scheduled, speculation that Faust might be stepping in as Edwards' permanent successor is growing.

"It's been 30 seconds, and I'm all in on Alex Faust as PxP for the Bruins replacing Jack Edwards."

"Alex Faust should replace Jack Edwards on Bruins telecasts."

"Hopefully the next voice of the #nhlbruins.

Jimmy Murphy, a respected journalist for the Bruins, mentioned that his sources indicate Faust might transition from being a mere substitute.

"He might become much more than a fill-in, from what I am told."

Should any formal change materialize, rest assured, we'll promptly bring the updates to you.

As reported on Hockey Patrol - Bruins commentator Jack Edwards possibly wrapping up his Boston journey
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Rumour: Bruins' Commentator Jack Edwards to Be Replaced

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