MAJOR: Terrible Update for the Flyers

Published September 24, 2023 at 10:33 PM

The Flyers' top performer for the Flyers last season, missed practice today due to undisclosed injuries.

Konecny Misses Practice

The team assured fans that Konecny's condition isn't serious.

Travis Konecny missed practice this morning. He's described as being "banged up", but it's not considered serious.


Konecny had a stellar season, scoring 31 goals and tallying 61 points in just 60 games. Rumors hint at a possible trade due to his affordable contract and consistent high performance.

The Flyers aim to start the season with Konecny and Sean Couturier, who returns after missing the previous season. They hope this duo will recreate their successful partnership.

However, if Konecny misses a significant part of the season, the Flyers' already slim playoff hopes could vanish.

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MAJOR: Terrible Update for the Flyers

How many more years till the Flyers make the playoffs again?

They make it next year14.2 %
2 years937.5 %
3 years937.5 %
4+ years520.8 %
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