BREAKING: Scary Knee-to-Knee Collision Knocks Out Jonathan Huberdeau

Published September 24, 2023 at 9:57 PM

Jonathan Huberdeau headed to the locker room after a brutal knee-on-knee collision.

Huberdeau Knocked Out Of Game With Injury

During a preseason match between the Calgary Flames and the Vancouver Canucks, Jonathan Huberdeau faced an unexpected setback that left fans concerned. Here's a simplified version of the incident:

In a game to prepare for the upcoming season, Huberdeau experienced a knee-on-knee collision during the second period.

Jonathan Huberdeau went to the dressing room after this knee on knee hit with Matt Irwin.

Huberdeau had to leave the ice and head to the dressing room following the collision. Although he got up on his own, it's unclear how severe his injury is. Fans of the Florida Panthers, where Huberdeau plays, hope for a quick recovery. The Flames, on the other hand, worry that he might miss games due to this injury.

Huberdeau's performance in the previous season was disappointing, with his points dropping from 115 to 55. The Flames were banking on him bouncing back, as it's crucial for the success of their team. If Huberdeau doesn't improve, the Tkachuk trade could look even worse.

The hockey community now eagerly awaits updates on Huberdeau's condition, hoping for a full and speedy recovery that will see him return to the ice at his best.

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BREAKING: Scary Knee-to-Knee Collision Knocks Out Jonathan Huberdeau

If Huberdeau is healthy, does he score 100 points next season?

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