Panthers forward Kyle Okposo stands to earn $500k bonus for winning Stanley Cup

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June 17, 2024  (8:21)

Florida Panthers forward Kyle Okposo
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As the Florida Panthers near the end of their Stanley Cup Finals battle against the Edmonton Oilers, veteran forward Kyle Okposo stands to earn a $500k bonus should they win.

This season's playoffs present a historic battle for the NHL, the Stanley Cup either returning to Canada after 31 years with the Oilers or a first-time win for the Florida Panthers. Following a near-series sweep, Edmonton finally put themselves on the board with a staggering 8-1 blowout.

The #Oilers defeat the Panthers 8-1 in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final to send the series back to Florida.


Yet, with how much remains on the line for Florida, it will take much more than one great game for the Edmonton Oilers to pull off a reverse sweep. Veteran forward Kyle Okposo is among the Panthers with the most to gain should they win the Stanley Cup. When the player was set to be traded away from the Buffalo Sabres, he included a stipulation that would provide him a half-million dollars for doing so.
"Few teammates anywhere are more revered than #FlaPanthers Kyle Okposo.

When re-signing with #Sabres last year, Buffalo's captain had a specific request for a $500k bonus in his contract.

It wasn't selfish. It was his raison d'être.

He's halfway home"

Though many may categorize this as gambling in your own contract, Okposo shared that his reason was actually the opposite of selfishness. He had wanted to stay with his old team, only willing to move for a real shot at the trophy. At 36 years old and 17 seasons in the league down, it was what he felt he needed to give the competition and his new team a real push.
"I wanted to make sure that I gave myself a chance, no matter what. If I didn't have that in my contract, I might not have tried to continue it on, to continue to push. It was kind of a reminder, more than anything, that I wanted a chance to win.

I'm not a very selfish person and it was hard to make a decision like that, but I wanted to put it out there."

The Panthers and Oilers are headed back to Amerant Bank Arena after Edmonton took their first game of the Stanley Cup Finals. With Kyle Okposo looking to cash in on this bonus before retiring, he better hope his teammates in Florida play better than they did in Game 4. If not, they will be back on a plane at least one more time.
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Kyle Okposo made a half a million dollar bet on himself winning a Stanley Cup
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Panthers forward Kyle Okposo stands to earn $500k bonus for winning Stanley Cup

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