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Shocking scandal lead to investigation on top junior team

Published February 21, 2024 at 12:14

In a recent development, we learned that the OHL launched an investigation on one of their top teams for major accusations.

Sudbury Wolves Under Investigation for Alleged Bounty on Barrie Colts Player


The Ontario Hockey League made an announcement today regarding an investigation into the Sudbury Wolves, who have been accused of placing a bounty on a player from an opposing team.

According to a report by Jeff Marek, during a game between Sudbury and the Barrie Colts, defenseman Kashawn Aitcheson legally hit Wolves' Nathan Villeneuve, followed by an altercation with Nolan Collins, a teammate of Villeneuve.

Both teams met again a few days later and Aitcheson was scratched by his team after they heard Wolves players would try to hurt him in the game as retaliation.

During a Sudbury/Barrie game on Jan. 18, Colts defenceman Kashawn Aitcheson delivered a hard, but legal, hit to Wolves forward Nathan Villeneuve. There was no penalty on the play. Aitcheson then fought one of Villeneuve's teammates, Nolan Collins.

The two teams played again three days later, but Barrie did not dress Aitcheson. According to those sources, word reached the Colts about the possibility of a bounty being placed on Aitcheson, so the organization made a decision not to play him.

It's not unusual in hockey to see players try to make their own justice on the ice when nothing comes from the League. However, sometimes, things go too far.

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Shocking scandal lead to investigation on top junior team

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