Oilers fan confronts Gary Bettman in a restaurant in a hilarious live video

Elliot Ben Jacob
June 24, 2024  (1:52 PM)

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.
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An Oilers fan confronted NHL commissioner Gary Bettman with a question about his alleged dislike for Canadian teams during the Stanley Cup Final in Edmonton.

Gary Bettman was out on the town in Edmonton when unexpectedly, a fan approached him with a difficult question. The incident, which quickly gained traction online, involved a direct question about his perceived bias against Canadian teams.
Why do you dislike Canadian teams so much?

This was the question asked by the fan, who figured that it would be a good time to ask him this, seeing Bettman dining in Edmonton one evening.

Bettman's Reaction to the unexpected question

Bettman, momentarily taken aback by the unexpected confrontation, gave a swift side-eye to the fan and the camera capturing the moment. Bettman refuses to answer the question, as he can be seen in the video turning his head and looking away, possibly hoping the fan will take the hint and simply walk away.
Gary Bettman has often been the subject of scrutiny by Canadian hockey enthusiasts, who feel that the league's decisions sometimes favor American teams.

However, the fan was persistent and repeated the question. This time, Bettman's security team intervened, swiftly stepping in to end the interaction. They even appeared to seize the fan's phone, ensuring no further dialogue could occur.
The video has since become a hot topic online, with many joining in on support for the Oilers fan, feeling that there is a bias that Bettman harbours towards Canadian teams, while many others feel that the fan was out of line, and should have respected Bettman's personal space.
«It's just a fan expressing what many Canadian fans feel. It's a shame it had to be cut short,»
commented one user on the Twitter thread.
Another tweeted,
«Bettman was just enjoying his dinner. Can we give the guy a break?»

The incident highlights the passionate nature of hockey fans in Canada and their deep investment in the league's actions and decisions.
Gary Bettman has long been a controversial figure in Canadian hockey circles. Despite overseeing significant growth in the NHL, his tenure is often marked by criticisms, especially regarding the expansion and relocation of teams, which many Canadian fans believe has disproportionately favored U.S. markets.
«Gary Bettman has been at the helm during an era of both unprecedented expansion and deep contention among fans,»
said a prominent hockey analyst.
This recent encounter only adds to the complex relationship between Bettman and the Canadian hockey community. While some appreciate his contributions to the sport's growth, others continue to view him as a figure who doesn't prioritize Canadian teams.
This brief but important incident underscores a broader theme within the NHL fandom — the enduring belief that Canadian teams are at a disadvantage under Bettman's leadership. As the league continues to evolve, the discourse surrounding its commissioner's policies remains a hot topic.
In the end, the video serves as a good example of the broader Canadian sentiment towards Bettman, encapsulating both the frustration and fervent support that defines the country's hockey culture.
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Oilers fan confronts Gary Bettman in a restaurant in a hilarious live video

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