Oilers' Most Likely New Starting Goalie Revealed by Top Insider Craig Button

Published November 28, 2023 at 1:28 PM

The Montreal Canadiens are at the center of significant trade speculation in the NHL, particularly concerning their goaltending situation. Jake Allen's name has been prominently mentioned in these discussions.

Jake Allen: A Potential Key Acquisition for the Oilers

The trade rumor mill is buzzing, with many top NHL insiders focusing on the possibility of the Canadiens trading one of their goalies. Jake Allen's name has been especially prevalent in recent hours.

On Tony Marinaro's podcast, renowned analyst Craig Button weighed in on the situation, affirming that Jake Allen would be an ideal trade acquisition for the Edmonton Oilers. Button's perspective is noteworthy, as he is not a journalist primarily covering the Montreal Canadiens, indicating that the trade speculation is gaining traction beyond local media.

Button responded to a question about the ideal goaltending target for the Oilers:

"It's certain that I think young goalies like Yaroslav Askarov, Dustin Wolf, and Jesper Wallstedt can be starting goalies one day, but the Oilers can't take a chance with a young goalie right now.

They don't have the luxury of waiting. [...] Teams don't want to trade #1 goalies, so they need more of a good goalie who can help and support Stuart Skinner, and I've been saying this from the start, I really believe Jake Allen is that goalie!

Jake Allen would be the best goalie to acquire today for the Oilers, he would be perfect for them. If I am Ken Holland, I want no other goalie than Jake Allen." - Craig Button

Button's comments underscore the urgency for the Oilers to strengthen their goaltending, emphasizing that Allen's experience and skill set make him the ideal candidate for their current needs.

The full discussion can be found here:

This analysis aligns with the growing consensus around Jake Allen's potential move and its significance for both the Montreal Canadiens and the Edmonton Oilers.
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Oilers' Most Likely New Starting Goalie Revealed by Top Insider Craig Button

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