First Woman to Play in the NHL Next Season?

Published September 3, 2023 at 1:40 PM

Could the NHL Welcome Its First Woman This Season?

The NHL's gender barrier remains unbroken, though it has been closely challenged in the past. For instance, Manon Rheaume once took the ice in a preseason match, but no woman has yet participated in a regular season NHL game.


This narrative might be rewritten soon, as several women goaltenders are in line to potentially serve as Emergency Backup Goaltenders (EBUG) for NHL teams in the coming season.

History in the Making?

Ian Kennedy from The Hockey News highlights key considerations for the upcoming NHL season in relation to the EBUG position. He notes that while the PWHL consists of only 6 teams, each likely to employ three goaltenders, 31 women played professional hockey in North America last year.

"While some teams turn to beer league insurance agents, construction workers, or equipment managers, the option of professional women's hockey netminders who have stayed sharper, and in better shape in recent years will become increasingly enticing to clubs this year." - Ian Kennedy

Although nothing is official as of yet, the likelihood of NHL teams selecting former or aspiring professional women's hockey goaltenders as their EBUGs is high.

These athletes could provide a competitive edge, especially when compared to those who never advanced beyond Junior C hockey. Should the need for a backup goalie arise, this season might witness the NHL's first female player making her mark.

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First Woman to Play in the NHL Next Season?

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