Jets Reporter Reveals Why Connor Hellebuyck Has Not Been Traded

Published September 3, 2023 at 12:49

Reporter Sean Reynolds for Winnipeg Jets Sportsnet has revealed why Connor Hellebuyck has not been traded and why he probably will not be traded.

Reynolds Reveals Why Hellebuyck Has Not Been Traded

Sean Reynolds recently went onto the Full Press NHL Podcast and spoke about the Winnipeg Jets and what is going on exactly. He offered some major insight into the Jets' ask for a player like Connor Hellebuyck.

He revealed that he thinks Hellebuyck would be a great fit for the New Jersey Devils but he also speaks on why a deal has not been made.

"I think Connor Hellebuyck would be a great fit with the New Jersey Devils but the New Jersey Devils want to go in for the cup this year so what they wanna do is they want to take their prospect pool, their big fat, one of the best in the NHL prospect pools, and say 'we will give you this and you give us this guy so we can be good right now and you can be good in the future' and the Winnipeg Jets do not want that. What they want is the New Jersey Devils' assets that make them really good right now... New Jersey is not gonna do it if they subtract three really good forwards and another defenseman from the process." - Sean Reynolds

Retool Over Rebuild?


The Jets have certainly made it a point to retool instead of rebuild. The Pierre-Luc Dubois trade was a sign that the Jets want a retool and not a rebuild. This ask for Hellebuyck further reinforces the sentiment that Kevin Cheveldayoff wants a retool.

The ask for Mark Scheifele is likely similar to the ask for Hellebuyck in terms of players. However, if the Jets were to trade Hellebuyck, would they stop being a playoff team? Their current backup is Laurent Brossoit who, while a great goaltender, is not a Vezina candidate like Hellebuyck.

We will now wait and watch if the Jets lose Hellebuyck and Scheifele for nothing or if they bite the bullet and begin a rebuild if they are not able to work out a retool.

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Jets Reporter Reveals Why Connor Hellebuyck Has Not Been Traded

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