Crazy Scene Breaks Out During Line Brawl That Drives Parent Wild

Published October 2, 2023 at 8:31 PM

During a line brawl in what appears to be a minor or junior hockey game, this parent seemingly goes crazy, acting outlandish and eventually getting confronted for it.

Hockey Dad Goes Nuts During Line Brawl

In a video going viral online, a hockey parent can be seen going absolutely crazy after a line brawl breaks out during the end of the game. In the final moments of the game, a player lays a huge hit which sparks the brawl, and immediately all players on the ice get involved.

The crazy part of the video occurs when the parent can be seen climbing the glass near the main part of the brawl. It's unclear whether or not this is to yell at the players or cheer them on, but either way, it is simply unacceptable behaviour.

Clearly, other parents agree, and he was confronted just after jumping down off the glass. After a fight almost breaks out, heated arguments between parents can be heard.

Just had this sent to me. Hockey parents need to figure it out.

This is embarrassing.

Parents Need to Reign In Their Behaviour At The Rink

This type of behaviour isn't a new trend in minor and even junior hockey, it just takes a different form. Parents have been increasingly berating young referees, to the point that it is causing a shortage of refs for minor hockey. Some instances have even called for police intervention.

Something needs to change, as this behaviour isn't acceptable, and isn't sustainable for young kids playing hockey.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "Chaos Erupts at Game Following Heavy Hit; Hockey Dad Acts Like Child"
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Crazy Scene Breaks Out During Line Brawl That Drives Parent Wild

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