Bettman's Ruling on Pride Tape May Backfire Due to His Own Negligence

Published October 22, 2023 at 5:38 PM

In a surprising twist, a rule in the NHL could keep players like Travis Dermott safe from penalties when using Pride Tape, despite Gary Bettman's attempts to ban it.

Dermott Defies Gary Bettman

Last night, Travis Dermott made headlines for being the first player to openly defy Gary Bettman by using Pride Tape on his stick.

I just noticed Travis Dermott is quietly using @PrideTape tonight! This is what allyship looks like folks! #Yotes #HockeyISforEveryone

Many wondered about what would happen to Dermott - would he face a fine, or would he get off with nothing?

There's an NHL rule that could potentially protect him from fines for using Pride Tape.

Rule That Saves Dermott

Rule 10.1 in the NHL rule book says that Dermott is allowed to use stick tape of any color.

Dermott, by rule, is permitted to use whatever color tape he wants... and this wasn't part of any special night event.

The part of the rule in Dermott's favor:

Adhesive tape of any color may be wrapped around the stick at any place for the purpose of reinforcement or to improve control of the puck

This means that Dermott should be allowed to use rainbow-colored tape. While the NHL hasn't made a decision on Dermott's case yet, it's definitely a situation to keep an eye on in the days to come.

As seen on Hockey Patrol - NHL Rules May Screw Over Gary Bettman
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Bettman's Ruling on Pride Tape May Backfire Due to His Own Negligence

Will Dermott wind up getting fined?

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