Timra medical personnel attending to injured player Sebastian Hartmann during a recent game.
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WATCH: Disturbing Incident Involving A Skate Cut During Game

Published February 26, 2024 at 3:09 PM

Recently another incident occurred involving a players skate cutting an opponent leading to a scary emergency. This time the tragic accident took place in Sweden.

Swedish Hockey League Came Turns To Chaos After Player Gets Cut

In a recent game between Timra and Vaxjo tragedy occurred. Timra forward Sebastian Hartmann found himself knocked down on the ice along the boards. While Hartmann was on the ground an opposing player named Brian Cooper skated over his leg causing a major cut. Hartmann was immediately tended to by medical personnel.



Once he was wrapped up and transported out of the arena everyone waited for further updates on Hartmann's condition. In a recent interview, we finally have those updates.

Update Provided On Disturbing Incident Involving A Skate Cut

Since the incident, both players involved have given an update on their status. First from Hartmann's team Timra.

"Sebastian Hartmann was accidentally hit on the calf by a skate blade. He is in good spirits and doing well but will require surgery. His rehabilitation extends beyond the remainder of the season."

While it is disappointing that Hartmann will be forced to miss the rest of the season it sounds like he will make a full recovery. Brian Cooper was also able to speak and give his perspective on the events.

"It was a little bit of a relief. I felt terrible, because you don't want to hurt anyone. But I'm glad he seems to be okay."

Luckily for both sides things did not end worse. This season around the world of hockey has been filled with tragedy caused by skate blade cuts. Hopefully incidents like this will lead to positive change within the sport.

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WATCH: Disturbing Incident Involving A Skate Cut During Game

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