NHL referee Steve Kozari calling a penalty
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Referee Stretchered Off The Ice After Collision With Lightning Forward

Published April 6, 2024 at 6:03 PM
Graham Montgomery
April 6, 2024  (6:03 PM)

As we all know, hockey is a dangerous sport, not just for the players, but for the on-ice officials as well. Today we were reminded of that as referee Steve Kozari was stretchered off the ice after a collision with Hayden Fleury.

The incident occurred in the neutral zone this afternoon as the Lightning were visiting the Pittsburgh Penguins. Lightning forward Hayden Fleury appeared to be coming on the ice as Kozari was back skating through the neutral zone, facing the opposite direction. The two individuals failed to see each other until after Fleury bulldozed right into his back, catching him off guard.

Video of the collision between Steve Kozari and Haydn Fleury

Kozari was unable to protect himself as he slammed into the ice, appearing to get knocked out cold in the process.

Can't say I've ever seen an official out cold like this before. Scary stuff. Hope Steve Kozari will be ok.

Eventually, the official was stretchered off the ice. Luckily, he appeared to be okay as he gave the crowd a thumbs up. Hopefully the move was just a precaution. Meanwhile, players from both teams showed their respect for Kozari as the benches cleared so they could all check up on him.

Scary moment as referee Steve Kozari collided with Hayden Fleury and was stretchered off the ice

Hopefully Kozari will make a full recovery quickly and he will be able to resume his job on the ice. Everyone at Hockey OTB is wishing him a speedy recovery.

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Referee knocked out after colliding with Haydn Fleury.
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Referee Stretchered Off The Ice After Collision With Lightning Forward

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