Veeti Miettinen, top Leafs prospect, has abandoned the team

Mackenzie Stern-Kolesnikow
April 6, 2024  (4:42 PM)

Photo of Veeti Miettinen, Leafs prospect, shooting the puck
Photo credit: St. Cloud State University Athletics

Drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 6th round of the 2020 NHL draft, Veeti Miettinen has announced that he will not sign with the Leafs

Miettinen was drafted by Kyle Dubas, the general manager for the Leafs at the time, he was picked 168th overall. Miettinen has spent the last four season playing for the St. Cloud Huskies. Throughout his 146 games played with the Huskies, he scored 118 points. He also managed the impressive feat of not receiving a single penalty minute throughout the four seasons.
In a recent Instagram post, Miettinen shared that he was thankful to St. Cloud and their fans, he also shared his intentions to continue pursuing a professional career.
"Veeti Miettinen won't return to St. Cloud State for a 5th season and will turn pro, he confirmed on IG.

He finishes his NCAA career with 53 goals and 118 points in 146 games. Didn't take a single penalty over 4 seasons.

TBD whether he'll join Marlies or go elsewhere."

"St. Cloud, thank you for the best 4 years of my life. Forever grateful for everyone who has been part of this ride, for the opportunity to wear the St. Cloud State jersey and play in front of the Husky fans. Memories and friendships will last forever🤞🏼❤️ #gohuskies"

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A recent report has revealed that although Miettinen was drafted by the Leafs, he will not be signing with them, instead, he will become a free agent on August 15.
"Leafs' prospect Veeti Miettinen is turning Pro.

However, the current indication is it won't be with the Leafs. He would be a UFA on August 15th."

"If nothing comes to fruition with TOR here (appears possible) and he's more of an AHL contract candidate, I don't believe anything is stopping him. A few players signed AHL/ECHL deals elsewhere last year before coming off their drafted teams' reserve list."

"But if he's expecting to sift through ELC offers and no one in contention acquires his rights, his next destination will wait until August 15th."

Fans have speculated that the reason Miettinen has changed his mind about the Leafs is most likely due to the change in general managers. Kyle Dubas drafted him, Dubas preferred undersized forwards, while the Leafs' current general manager, Brad Treliving, prefers physically larger players. Miettinen is known for his impressive skills, but not for his height or weight, which would not impress Treliving.
Fans are wondering who will sign Miettinen, stay tuned for more updates.
Source - DailyHockeyDose: Leafs prospect Veeti Miettinen not ready to sign in Toronto
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Veeti Miettinen, top Leafs prospect, has abandoned the team

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