Connor McDavid Confirms His Injury On Live TV

Published October 22, 2023 at 12:06

During last night's game, Connor McDavid appeared to confirm his injury live on TV as he was caught talking to training staff on the bench.

McDavid Appears to Say He Tore Something to Oilers' Training Staff

As the Oilers and Jets headed into overtime last night, all the attention was on Connor McDavid as he missed the end of the game due to an injury. Unfortunately for Oilers fans, he also missed the entirety of overtime as well. While nothing has been confirmed regarding the status of his injury, it looks as though he says to training staff that he tore something, which was caught on camera.

Here was McDavid's last shift. I know @jedrock43 can read lips. Did McDavid say «tore something» to TD Forss?

While there is no certainty to the video without having sound, McDavid's reaction does give us some insight into how he was feeling after the play.

Apparent Non-Contact Injury for McDavid

The injury appears to have resulted during a play where McDavid was skating up the ice. You can see McDavid begin to let up as his line enters the Jets zone. Non-contact injuries are scary and usually result in missed time due to a pulled or torn muscle or ligament.

Connor McDavid potential injury.

The Oilers are expected to announce the extent of McDavid's injury later today.
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Connor McDavid Confirms His Injury On Live TV

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