BREAKING: Cale Makar Leaves the Game with Serious Leg Injury

Published October 29, 2023 at 2:46 PM

In breaking news, it appears Cale Makar has suffered a leg injury after being hit into the boards awkwardly.

Makar Takes Awkward Hit Into Boards That Goes Unpenalized

During the Avalanche-Sabres game today, Cale Makar took an awkward hit from Okposo that resulted in him crashing into the boards. The collision occurred with Makar's leg forced underneath him, and he was quickly hurried to the Avalanche locker room to be evaluated.

Cale Makar has gone to the locker room after taking a hit and going into the boards awkwardly

Cale Makar heads to the locker room after he goes awkwardly into the boards

Makar is in the #Avs locker room, and MacKinnon gives the officials and earful after no penalty on the Okposo hit.

That earns him a two minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and a ten minute misconduct.

The #Avs head back to the penalty kill. #GoAvsGo

There has been no update on Makar's status, but it is highly likely that the injury was sustained to the lower body. Clearly, the Avalanche bench thought this play should have been penalized as MacKinnon took a 10-minute misconduct to let the refs know what he thought about the call.

More details on the injury to come.
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BREAKING: Cale Makar Leaves the Game with Serious Leg Injury

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