Matt Rempe And His Family Are Receiving Some Serious Threats From Devils Fans

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March 12, 2024  (9:21 PM)

Matt Rempe Elbowing Jonas Siegenthaler
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Matt Rempe is easily one of the most talked about players in the league. Ever since dropping the gloves on Matt Martin in his very first NHL game, he has quickly made a name for himself as a villain. However, it seems some Devils fans are trying to knock him down a peg after his actions at last night's game.

Rempe's Massive Hit Earns Him A Suspension

Last night, the New York Rangers took on the New Jersey Devils, ultimately beating them 3-1. Throughout the game, Devils defenseman Kurtis McDermid had been egging on Rempe, trying to pick a fight with the newly popular enforcer. Instead, Rempe made a massive elbow hit to Jonas Sigenthaler, pulling him out of the game and now a 40-game suspension.
"Matt Rempe has been suspended 4 games for elbowing Jonas Siegenthaler"

This, however, did not mean the end of Rempe's taunting, who could not be escorted off the ice without waving to McDermid. Not taking too kindly to this, he attempted to go after him anyway, though unsuccessfully. He commented on it later that night, expressing his disgust for this level of disrespect.

Rempe Receives Serious Threats From Devils Fans

While Rempe is making quick work in the NHL as a villain, some Devils fans are trying to race him to the bottom. As a result of his hit and wave at last night's game, several fans tried getting back at this enforcer by threatening his family and making jokes about his deceased father whom he lost when he was only 15.
Fortunately, other fans are clapping back on these gross remarks. While Rempe has made some dirty plays, most people are right in calling these statements gross and unjustified, even giving some of the blame for this situation to a very popular podcast.
"@spittinchiclets I'm a huge fan, love what you do for the game, but be aware these threats against Rempe's families came after your podcast by listeners. I know you guys didn't say anything bad - but you guys gotta say something. Mocking his dad? Threatening his sis? Be leaders"

Whether or not you believe Rempe got the right suspension for his play last night, there is no excuse to go after a player's family. After the public backlash, hopefully these fans have learned a lesson in losing gracefully.
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Matt Rempe And His Family Are Receiving Some Serious Threats From Devils Fans

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