Logan Stanley Landing A Punch On Keegan Kolesar
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Logan Stanley Drops Gloves For The Second Game In A Row

Published March 28, 2024 at 10:28 PM

In tonight's game between the Winnipeg Jets and Vegas Golden Knights, Logan Stanley drops the gloves for a second shift in a row in a fight against Keegan Kolesar.

As the playoffs approach nearer each day, many of the top-performing teams are heating up, with players becoming more aggressive and fights becoming more frequent. This holds true for Jets defenseman Logan Stanley, who decided to take on Golden Knights right-winger Keegan Kolesar early in tonight's game between Winnipeg and Las Vegas.

"Heavyweight tilt right there between #NHLJets D Logan Stanley and #VegasBorn F and Winnipegger Keegan Kolesar 2:51 into the contest."

Coming off of his fight with Corey Perry at Tuesday night's game against the Edmonton Oilers Logan Stanley dropped the gloves for the second game in a row. Though Kolesar is no small player, he was clearly no match for Stanley who stands at a staggering 6'7".

"Logan Stanley for the second game In a row with a huge fight. And he gets the crowd fired up.


Though fans are more divided on the number of fights in the NHL, the entire crowd cheered for Logan Stanley after being sent to the bench.

Some fans have wanted the league to move away from classic fist-fights that used to be much more popular in the NHL. However, it seems this crowd preferred the old-school hockey some more mature fans might remember, as it appeared the whole crowd cheered Stanley on as he made his way off the ice after the altercation.

"Logan Stanley seemingly said something while hyping up the crowd and looking towards the Jets bench after the fight.

He and the crowd are fired up to begin this one. We'll see if the rest of the team follows.


With so many fans of Stanley applauding his dominance on the ice tonight, we might start to see more players drop the gloves as we approach the playoffs.

The Winnipeg Jets and Vegas Golden Knights are currently tied 1-1 with just under 13 minutes left in the third period.
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Logan Stanley Drops Gloves For The Second Game In A Row

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