Brandon Tanev of the Seattle Kraken and Connor Garland of the Vancouver Canucks during a fight.
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Brandon Tanev unleashes all his emotions on Conor Garland in a massively one-sided fight

Published February 23, 2024 at 10:20

Brandon Tanev just absolutely unleashed on Connor Garland during a fight in last night's Canucks versus Kraken game and you are going to want to see how it went down.

Tanev Throws Massive Rights In Fight With Garland

Brandon Tanev doesn't have a massive reputation as a fighter in the NHL, however, he might now after last night's display. During the Kraken game last night against the Canucks, Tanev and Connor Garland dropped the gloves, resulting in an absolute beatdown.

Take a look for yourself.

Brandon Tanev was FEEDING Conor Garland some uppercuts 😳

Clearly, Tanev gets the upper hand in the fight, as Garland can barely get his bearings let alone throw a punch back. Eventually the two make their way down to the ice, and both served 5 minutes for the scrap.

Some Fans Online Saying Tanev Didn't Land Any Punches

As is always the case in hockey, some fans online are pointing out that Tanev may not have actually landed all his punches, and that the win wasn't necessarily as outright as it looks. But it is pretty obvious he wouldn't have landed every right he threw, otherwise Garland would have been knocked out long before the fight ever got to the ice.

Either way, Garland probably isn't happy with his decision to drop the gloves with Tanev, and Tanev is now looking like the heavy-weight champion in the NHL.
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Brandon Tanev unleashes all his emotions on Conor Garland in a massively one-sided fight

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