Winnipeg Jets release preseason schedule amidst Stanley Cup Finals

River Hawk
June 20, 2024  (5:09 PM)

The Winnipeg Jets in the Canada Life Centre
Photo credit: TSN

As the Stanley Cup Finals between the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers wage on, the Winnipeg Jets have decided to release their preseason schedule.

This season's Stanley Cup Finals have been some of the most fascinating to watch. After the Florida Panthers took down the Edmonton Oilers so brutally in the first three games, they are having a hard time finishing the series off, now going into Game 6 from Rogers Place.
"Edmonton Oilers beat Florida Panthers in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, narrowing the series to 3-2 Florida.

Connor McDavid became the third player in NHL history to score over 40 points in a single postseason.

However, as the remainder of the league tries to use their off-time to strategize for the upcoming seasons, Gary Bettman and the NHL have asked teams not to trade during the Stanley Cup Finals. Additionally, teams are expected to keep all things hockey focused on the Panthers and Oilers to prevent any distractions from whatever historic victory is born out of it.
"If the season ends tonight there is a chance we see a flood of moves by Monday. The league has gently nudged teams to let the Stanley Cup finish before they make any moves. While not enforceable the league has offered a suggestion to let the Cup be handed out without distraction."

Despite this nudge, several teams have gone forward with their trade deals and publicizing their next moves. Among these are the Winnipeg Jets, who have already announced the start of their preseason schedule for the upcoming year. The team will play two games each against the Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild, and Calgary Flames in late September and early October.
"The Stanley Cup Final hasn't even ended and the Jets preseason schedule for the 2024-25 season between Sept 21st and October 4th is now out:

Two games vs Oilers
Two games vs Wild
Two games vs Flames"

With the Stanley Cup Finals still underway but most teams moving forward, the Winnipeg Jets are unlikely to be the only team to announce their early preseason schedule. Hopefully, with the unenforceable requests form the league, they ill not face any consequences in their upcoming season.
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Winnipeg Jets release preseason schedule amidst Stanley Cup Finals

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