Rick Bowness yelling at Winnipeg Jets players during a game.
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Shocking response by Rick Bowness over his poor overtime strategy

Published March 27, 2024 at 2:38 PM

After the Winnipeg Jets dropped an overtime loss to the Edmonton Oilers, Head Coach Rick Bowness had a shocking response explaining his overtime strategy.

The Winnipeg Jets have had a miraculous year this year, proving that they should be in the conversation for the league's best and as a team that has what it takes to compete for the Stanley Cup. However, they recently dropped their game against the Edmonton Oilers in overtime. The Oilers were able to fend off the comeback with some impressive penalty killing, however, it was the Jets' overtime strategy that looked interesting, to say the least.

Bowness elected to start Adam Lowry and Mason Appleton in overtime, instead of their top guys. His response to being asked why he chose to do that was interesting.

Rick Bowness was asked by @WPGMurat about starting Lowry & Appleton in overtime.

Here's his response to whether or not the opponent has the advantage when their players are more likely to score on the first two shifts.

The Jets are a good team, so getting a point in the game at this time of the year is worth it enough. While Jets fans would obviously like to see the team win the game against the Oilers, they shouldn't fret too much about regular-season overtime strategy at this point in the year.

What was nice to see, for Jets and Oilers fans, was the two getting physical, with a few fights in the game.

In a few weeks, the playoffs will begin, and overtime will look nothing like it does now, and that is when it will really matter who Bowness has on the ice.

Watch full replay of the overtime here:

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Shocking response by Rick Bowness over his poor overtime strategy

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