NHL commissioner Gary Bettman addressing the media
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BREAKING: Bettman Makes Decision Regarding Future of Winnipeg Jets

Published February 27, 2024 at 7:09 PM

A few weeks ago, rumours flew around regarding the future of the Jets in Winnipeg with many people speculating a potential relocation due to the lack of attendance over the last three years. Today, Bettman provided an update amidst of the rumours.

Bettman announces plans to keep the Jets in Winnipeg

Thankfully, it seemed like just speculation as Gary Bettman said the following:

Gary Bettman: «I'm not sure why people are now speculating that (the Jets) are not going to be here.»

Basically, the commissioner himself said the Jets are staying in Winnipeg.

The attendance hasn't been great, but their passion couldn't be more understated, their playoff numbers are insane with their famous "whiteout", personally we think that Winnipeg is a proven hockey city.

Another comment pointed out by Bettman was the following:

Gary Bettman on the current state of the Winnipeg Jets: «That's why, for anybody suggesting that the agenda for ownership is other than focused on Winnipeg, is silly."

In simple terms, hockey is staying in Winnipeg.
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BREAKING: Bettman Makes Decision Regarding Future of Winnipeg Jets

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