Gary Bettman, Commissioner of the NHL.
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New city emerges to take over the Winnipeg Jets

Published February 27, 2024 at 4:59 PM

The NHL has their eyes set on expansion once more, but with Gary Bettman set to visit Winnipeg, perhaps it's relocation that they are keeping their eyes on instead.

Utah Jazz Owner fuels NHL to Salt Lake City rumours

Ryan Smith, Owner of the Utah Jazz has been campaigning for the NHL to come to Salt Lake City for some time, and now, he's continued to fuel the rumours with his latest social media post.

Downtown Salt Lake City is the heart of Utah. Our efforts are not about an arena, it's about revitalizing a downtown that desperately needs investment. Imagine a downtown experience like this with the NBA / NHL at its core.

The fans in the area seem excited for the potential move, but one city that isn't as excited is Winnipeg, whom the Commissioner will officially visit this week to discuss the state of the organization.

That face didn't escape fans in the slightest, as they were quick to point out the coincidence between this post and the Commissioner's visit, and with things not looking good in Winnipeg, the dots are quickly being connected.

Dropping this on the same day Gary Bettman is going to Winnipeg to discuss some issues the franchise is having...

The NHL has already moved out of Winnipeg once before, and while it appears as though nothing is imminent on this front yet, if things continue going downhill in Manitoba, we could be looking at relocation to Salt Lake City, rather than expansion.

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New city emerges to take over the Winnipeg Jets

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