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Bowness confirms that Hellebuyck will achieve a new amazing milestone

Published March 30, 2024 at 12:36

As Hellebuyck prepares to mark his 500th NHL game—a milestone in a career already adorned with achievements—it's clear this is just one of the significant numbers he aims to reach. With ambitions of 300 wins and 40 shutouts, his current tally of 270 wins and 36 shutouts places these goals within tantalizing reach.

Drafted 130th overall in 2012, Hellebuyck transitioned from a promising prospect to the linchpin of the Jets, epitomizing the ethos of an elite NHL goaltender. His crowning achievement came in the 2019-2020 season, winning the Vezina Trophy, affirming his status at the pinnacle of goaltending excellence. However, it's not just the accolades or the jaw-dropping saves that define Hellebuyck's legacy; it's also his profound connection with the Jets and the community.

Hellebuyck starts in his 500th game tonight, wants to be a Jet for life.

Reflecting on his career, Hellebuyck recently shared insights that underscore the depth of his commitment to the team. Amid the rigorous demands and the business-oriented nature of professional hockey, he emphasized the solidarity and support he's received from the Jets organization and teammates.

"It's easy in this sport for it to become just a business, to turn on guys. And they haven't turned on me yet, and that's why I am proud to be a Winnipeg Jet for life." - Connor Hellebuyck on starting in his 500th game

As Hellebuyck skates into his 500th game, where Gabe Vilardi is set to return as well, his journey is a testament not just to his personal accolades and the pursuit of his career milestones, but also to the enduring relationships and the sense of pride in being part of a team that values loyalty as much as victory. This blend of individual brilliance and team spirit makes Connor Hellebuyck's NHL career not just remarkable, but deeply resonant.

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Bowness confirms that Hellebuyck will achieve a new amazing milestone

After 500 games with the Winnipeg Jets, is Connor Hellebuyck a Jet for life?

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