What We Can Expect From Gabe Vilardi Next Season In Winnipeg

Published July 21, 2023 at 3:10 PM

Gabe Vilardi was the centerpiece of the Pierre-Luc Dubois return and there are high hopes for what he will do next year for Winnipeg.

Vilardi Is A Sneakily Good Acquisition

Earlier this offseason, the Winnipeg Jets traded away Pierre-Luc Dubois for a massive return. The trade is arguably the largest of this offseason with the Jets getting a massive return for their star center.

Gabriel Vilardi is the centerpiece of the return and he has already signed an extension in Winnipeg which has many excited for the next few years.

What We Can Expect

Vilardi is known for his all-around game and his slick mitts. He is quite well rounded but his puck handling is among the best in the NHL which leads to him drawing many penalties based on his elusiveness.

He is coming off of a 23 goals and 41-point year which saw him get into only 63 games. This equates to a 30-goal 53-point pace which is quite encouraging, especially considering how it is only 17 points less than Dubois' pace last year. In addition to that, Vilardi provides a better defensive game while also being one year younger.

Expert models have some high expectations for Vilardi. Dom Luszczyszyn of the Athletic's model has some high hopes for Vilardi.

His model projects Vilardi at having a 27-goal and 51-point year while also being in the 90th percentile for his defense which is quite exciting.

In addition to this, Vilardi is projected to be twice as valuable as his $3.4 million contract which could prove the Jets as having won this trade.

On top of that, according to the Jfresh model, Vilardi is projected to have more of an impact than Dubois.

Final Thoughts

Vilardi is an analytical darling who could break out even further with more time on ice next year and could prove to be more valuable to the Jets than Dubois.

While he has taken a bit to develop, he will look to take another step next year. If he does, he may be a long time Jet and prove to be one of the most valuable two way players in the NHL.
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What We Can Expect From Gabe Vilardi Next Season In Winnipeg

Will Vilardi score 27 or more goals?

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