Latest: Jets Executive Chairman Comments on Team's Major Issues

Dawson McKenzie
October 26, 2023  (11:01)

The Jets' executive has now spoken on one of the biggest issues facing the team right now, and what they plan on doing about it.

Mark Chipman Reveals His Thoughts on Jet's Attendance

In an in-depth sitdown interview with TSN's Darren Dreger, Jets' executive chairman Mark Chipman gave some explanation as to what is happening in Winnipeg regarding attendance. The Jets have faced a few nights in a row now where they have been unable to sell tickets, something that could seriously threaten the franchise. When asked about whether or not the Jets will get back to sell out crowds, Chipman said that he thinks they will, and hasn't made a plan for if they don't.
First of all, I really believe they will, so I don't have a scenario in my mind of: What does this look like at 10,000? We're just really focused on, ‘how do we get it back to 13,' because we have been at 13. We were there for 10 years. So, how do we get ourselves back there? That's where we need to be, honestly, to be competitive. I don't know that I'm that savvy because I don't have that scenario, we don't have that playbook, ‘How do we run this at 10,000?' Because we honestly believe we can get it back to where it was.

Chipman truly believes that this is just a feature of poor ticket sales on their part and not an overall indication of the feeling in Winnipeg.
The Winnipeg Jets attendance issue makes zero sense.

Chipman Reveals Efforts the Jets Have Made to Get People in Seats

Of course, belief isn't really a satisfying response for the Jets fans who are worried that low attendance trends could result in a potential relocation of the team. To that, Chipman did explain the steps that they are taking to get more interest and sell more tickets.
We've taken a lot of steps to try and get greater interest - we've reduced the number of games that are required to be purchased, we've become a lot more flexible in our pricing, we return deposits, we did away with the multi-year commitments, we've kept our ticket prices – it's the second-lowest of all the teams in Canada. We work hard at that to keep it as affordable as we can. And we've invested

With so many Cities vying for an NHL team, and the NHL looking to expand, it's scary for Jets fans to see a decline in their market, one that could potentially become a risk the NHL doesn't want to take.
As seen on TSN - "Jets' Chipman addresses team's low attendance, big picture focus in Winnipeg"
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Latest: Jets Executive Chairman Comments on Team's Major Issues

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