The reason for the Oilers' Early Season Struggle Has Been Revealed

Published October 26, 2023 at 10:03

The Oilers are off to a disappointingly slow start this year, winning just one of their first six games played. Now, we may know the issue that is causing the failure.

Oilers Defense Has Not Shown Up Yet

The Oilers are a well-known offensive team. However, if the start of the season has shown us anything, it is that sometimes a good offence can't cover up for a bad defence.

The Oilers have given up a lot of goals against, with two games allowing over 7 goals in losses. Other losses include two games with 4 goals against. For any team, scoring this much to erase bad defence is a nearly impossible feat to overcome, especially if your best player is out for the near future with an injury.

"Certainly not to our standard."

Coach Woodcorft summarizes the loss in Minnesota.

Oilers Have Tried a New Style Of Defense Which Could be Their Issue

Coach Jay Woodcroft was noted as implementing a new defensive system for the Oilers during training camp this year. He has credited this to some of their faults defensively to start the season.

"Last game, we gave up some d-zone coverage goals and I think it gets magnified by the fact that our record is what our record is right now," Woodcroft said.

"Anytime you go to something new and you're working through something, there are growing pains. Can we be better? Yes we can, and we don't make any excuses for it."

We will see if Woodcroft continues his new defensive system or if he decides to go back to something simpler for the Oilers' offensive-minded players.

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The reason for the Oilers' Early Season Struggle Has Been Revealed

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