Conference Rival Linked to Connor Hellebuyck

Published August 29, 2023 at 1:33 PM

Acquiring Connor Hellebuyck could immediately transform any team into a playoff threat and elevate some to the status of Stanley Cup contenders.

Steady Performance from Hellebuyck


Since he signed his 6-year, $37 million contract with the Jets half a decade ago, Connor Hellebuyck has solidified his reputation as one of the best goalies in the NHL. Consistently posting a save percentage above .910 and never exceeding a 3 GAA, Hellebuyck has rightfully earned his elite status.

As he approaches the final year of his contract, speculation is rife that Hellebuyck is unwilling to re-sign with Winnipeg unless offered a substantial new contract or traded elsewhere.

In light of this, multiple teams have initiated contact with Hellebuyck to explore the possibility of securing him for a reasonable price.

Rival Linked to Hellebuyck

A recent piece from NHL Trade Talk suggests that the Kings have set their sights on Hellebuyck. Given the Kings' ambition to compete and their weakness in the goalie position, they could be prime suitors for Hellebuyck.

It's possible that Hellebuyck becomes nothing more than an NHL Trade Deadline rental and if that happens, expect the Kings to be keenly interested.

Should the Kings manage to get Hellebuyck, they would go from being a playoff hopeful to a legitimate championship contender, capable of beating teams like the Oilers and the Golden Knights in the race for the Stanley Cup.

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