Crazy Revelation Shows How Claude Giroux Almost Won His First Cup

Published August 29, 2023 at 9:57

Claude Giroux was traded to the Panthers during the 2022 trade deadline but could have gone elsewhere and wound up winning his first Stanley Cup.

Giroux To Colorado???

During the 2022 trade deadline, there was a lot of talk about the possibility of Claude Giroux joining the Colorado Avalanche. Despite the speculation, Giroux ended up being traded to the Panthers. However, signs suggest that the Avalanche came very close to making it happen.

The Avalanche recently auctioned off several old jerseys for charity, and among them were two Claude Giroux jerseys from 2021-22, adding to the intrigue.


What Could Have Happened?

Claude Giroux boasts an impressive career, with over 1,100 NHL games and 1,000 points, making him a future Hall of Famer and a beloved figure among Flyers fans. However, the most important thing missing from his resume is a Stanley Cup.

Consider this: if Giroux had been traded to the Colorado Avalanche instead of the Panthers, he might be holding a Stanley Cup right now. The chance to win a championship could have influenced Giroux to sign with the Avalanche for less, aiming to be part of multiple championship runs.

In the actual trade, the Panthers gave up Owen Tippett and a 2024 1st-round pick to get Giroux. Interestingly, Tippett became a top goal scorer for the Flyers, with 27 goals in the past year. In an alternate scenario, he might have ended up elsewhere or even stayed with the Panthers, potentially altering the outcome of the Stanley Cup finals against the Golden Knights.

This is one of the biggest 'what-if' moments in recent NHL history and could have had effects on the outlook of the league for years to come.

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Crazy Revelation Shows How Claude Giroux Almost Won His First Cup

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