Blake Wheeler Has A Message For All Jets Fans

Tyler Ball
October 29, 2023  (6:02 PM)

This season Blake Wheeler is playing for a team not named the Winnipeg Jets for the first time since the team went back to Winnipeg. Today he spoke about what it will be like and his special message to Jets fans. Also some advice from a teammate who has gone through this before.

Rangers Captain Gives His Thoughts On Wheeler's Return

New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba is all too familiar with returning to Winnipeg as a visiting player. He signed with the Rangers after playing for the Jets much like Blake Wheeler. Today Trouba told the media what advice he gave to Wheeler about what to expect.
"You're going to see old teammates, old trainers, coaches, that kind of thing, but you also see media people you've been around, a lot of faces you've been around," Trouba said. "He was there longer than I was, but those were people I kind of grew up with and to see those teammates and guys again in the same building it was fun. It's different for sure walking in the other direction, but it's a pretty enjoyable experience.

«He has so many people and friends outside of hockey from being there for so long. His kids have friends there. It'll be exciting to go back and see people but it's also nice being on the other side and playing against them."

Trouba will be able to give Wheeler any support he might need that night knowing exactly what he's going through. Wheeler also spoke about what he expects and what his emotions are heading into the game.

Wheeler Gives A Message To Jets Fans

Blake Wheeler recently spoke with the media about his return to Winnipeg. He had many different thoughts and emotions.
"All things come to an end," he said. "I think it was just good timing for myself and for the team to move on. I'm happy they're in good hands going forward and it's a team that is going to be a good team for a long time. Down the road I look forward to cheering for them."

"I have such a love for that place and everything it's meant to me personally, my career, my family, all the friendships we have there still," Wheeler said. "It'll be kind of a nice way to celebrate a long tenure there."

Wheeler is excited for the opportunity to celebrate with the community and fan base that he spent so much time with. It sounds as though he left on good terms with management and is excited for the group that remains and what they're doing for the fans he loved playing in front of.
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Blake Wheeler Has A Message For All Jets Fans

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