Elias Pettersson Reportedly Ignored An Offer Close To $100 Million From Canucks

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February 29, 2024  (4:46 PM)

Star Canucks Forward Elias Pettersson
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The Vancouver Canucks have had one of the hottest seasons of any NHL team, currently number two in the league overall. They owe a great deal of this season's success to one star forward: Elias Pettersson. With his skill on the ice, it is no secret that Vancouver wants to keep him around. However, as the season continues, it was reported that Pettersson ignored a potentially historic deal.

Pettersson Ignores $100 Million Offer

It was recently revealed on the Fourth Period by David Pagnotta that Vancouver wants to sign this Canucks forward on a massive 8-year contract that would bring him $12 million each year. Yet, while team leadership is preparing for the trade deadline and trying to determine their best strategies for future lineups, players like Pettersson are still focusing on the game at hand. This would likely explain why it seems that he ignored the deal for so long that only now progress is being made.
"Sources say #Canucks have made significant progress with superstar Elias Pettersson working on what is believed to be an 8-year contract extension.

Not done, but big development, and a new deal could be finalized in the coming days."

Fans Chime In On Potential Pettersson Deal

Most Vancouver fans seem to want Pettersson on their side, as he has been a solid player this season, posting 75 in 61 games. Making him a more permanent part of the team gives them a chance for multiple Cup wins in a row.
Others have not been too convinced of the contract going through. While this could be a good deal for him financially, followers of his have suggested that he is worth more and does not like it enough to rationalize this choice for Petterson.

Latest Update On Extension Decision Released

While it has been a fascinating few days paying attention to this potentially historic contract get closer to a signing point, it appears the wait is coming to a close. David Pagnotta recently discussed that now that the season is coming into playoffs, Pettersson is just about ready to take the deal.
"There's a little fine-tuning that needs to be done. Tried reaching out on both sides, but he's very quiet, which is typically the thing... We'll see where this ends up, but it looks like it's finally getting towards that finish line."

While this extension has not officially taken place, we will likely hear final updates on the deal in the next day or so.
As seen on Elias Pettersson's latest contract update after he reportedly ignored historical deal
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Elias Pettersson Reportedly Ignored An Offer Close To $100 Million From Canucks

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