John Tavares, Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, looking to his left during a game.
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Audio Leak Exposes an Intense Confrontation Between John Tavares and Official

Published February 20, 2024 at 10:48

During the St. Louis Blues versus Toronto Maple Leafs game yesterday, a hot mic caught this intense confrontation between John Tavares and the official.

John Tavares Swears at Official After What He Believes Was a Missed Call

John Tavares has a pretty well known reputation around the league as not being a very emotional guy. He keeps his interviews pretty stoic after games, even when describing when the team is doing well or a good moment during the game.

However, during the St. Louis Blues versus the Leafs game yesterday, fans got a little insight into how Tavares can be emotional on the ice, letting his frustration out on the referee after what he believed was a missed call.

Tavares: Call the f--king trip man! The f--k is that!?

Tavares definitely had an argument that he was tripped and had every right to confront the official about it. It is funny to hear him be so frustrated though, when he is so unemotional off the ice.

Leafs and Tavares Keep Hot Streak Going in Win Over Blues

The Leafs have been dealing with some adversity over the past few games, with defenseman Morgan Rielly out serving a suspension for his crosscheck, and other players being down with injury. However, they have been able to overcome this adversity and win 4 in a row, showing that they may be able to dig deep to make a push this season.

With Morgan Rielly set to return this week after serving his 5 games, we will see how this energy can carry over to the remainder of the season.

As seen on Maple Leafs Daily - "Hot mic catches heated altercation between John Tavares and official during Leafs/Blues game"
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Audio Leak Exposes an Intense Confrontation Between John Tavares and Official

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