Auston Matthews Fires Shot At His Hometown Team

Published October 19, 2023 at 9:57 PM

In a recent interview, Matthews had a dig about the Arizona Coyotes, offering a glimpse into his experiences as a young hockey player in the desert.

Matthews Teases the Coyotes

During the interview, Matthews talked about his early days as a hockey player in Arizona. When he was asked which NHL teams he didn't like as a kid, he responded with a humorous remark.

"I didn't really dislike any teams honestly. [The] Coyotes were never good enough like, to have a rival."

Matthews' Past

Although Matthews' comment may seem light-hearted, it hints at a deeper truth. Born in 1997 and drafted in 2016, Matthews grew up during a time when the Arizona Coyotes struggled to be competitive.

They won just two playoff series, both in 2012, despite making the playoffs seven times. Three of those appearances were in 1998, 1999, and 2000, when Matthews was too young to remember. Clearly, the Coyotes couldn't muster the rivalry that comes with competitiveness.

Auston Matthews' playful remark about the Coyotes' underwhelming performance showcases his charismatic personality and challenges the stereotype of hockey players as lacking character.
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Auston Matthews Fires Shot At His Hometown Team

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