MAJOR: Zibanejad Facing Huge Lawsuit

Published October 19, 2023 at 4:10 PM


Mika Zibanejad and his brother Monir Kalgoum are facing legal challenges over an unpaid loan in Sweden.

Backing Bad Investments

Both had invested in a Swedish burger chain named Brodernas ("Brothers"). The duo had backed a loan of just over $400,000 USD for the business, using their homes as collateral. The CEO of Brodernas, Joakim Wiklander, took out the loan which remains unpaid, prompting the creditor to file a lawsuit to recoup their money. If the lawsuit is successful, Zibanejad and Kalgoum could potentially lose their homes.

"Zibanejad and Kalgoum are included in the lawsuit because they chose to pledge their properties as collateral for a loan taken by Brödernas CEO Joakim Wiklander." -

Business Brothers

Although efforts were made to settle the issue out of court, no agreement was reached, and Zibanejad and his brother have yet to formally respond to the lawsuit. It's worth noting that this isn't the first business endeavor the siblings have collaborated on. Kalgoum, a former hockey player turned agent, was instrumental in securing Zibanejad's eight-year, $68 million extension with the New York Rangers in 2021. Interestingly, Zibanejad appears to be Kalgoum's only NHL client. The lawsuit thus not only puts financial strain on both, but it could also affect their personal and professional relationship going forward.

Restaurant Brothers' Support for Women's Hockey. Just yesterday, we made a commercial about Zibanejad burgers. For every burger sold at all our locations, we will donate ten kronor to women's hockey all year long. - Translated from Swedish

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MAJOR: Zibanejad Facing Huge Lawsuit

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