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Sidney Crosby's True Nature Revealed by Brian Boyle

Published March 30, 2024 at 5:07 PM

Former teammate Brian Boyle has offered up some great insight into just the type of person Sidney Crosby is. Boyle played with the star at the end of his career.

After sitting out the entire 2020-21 season, the Pittsburgh Penguins signed Brian Boyle to a one-year deal following a successful professional tryout at training camp. Boyle retired from pro hockey following that season in Pittsburgh, then then joining the NHL Network as a studio analyst.. While recalling his time in Pittsburgh recently Boyle said that was a hard year for him.

"It was not easy for me to go there,» Boyle said about signing in Pittsburgh. «I had a family; they stayed back home. We never did that. We always traveled together." - The Hockey News

Sidney Crosby did not play in the first game of the season for Pittsburgh, as he was still recovering from an injury. Brian Boyle, meanwhile, had his family flown in for the game, and his acclimation to Pittsburgh was made far easier because of Crosby and a gesture towards his son Declan.

"My son was six at the time. I check my phone after the game my wife is texting and calling saying 'you have to get out here. Declan won't let Sid leave.'"

Turns out the two shared a love for bubble hockey. Brian Boyle said that first night, he was able to finish his entire post-game routine before Sidney Crosby finished playing, and he insisted of continuing.

"I finished my workout, showered, and got out there like 45 minutes,' Boyle said. "I'm like 'Declan we got to let him go now, say goodbye' and he kept playing for 10 more minutes."

Sidney Crosby, who recently showed some frustration with his Penguins' coach, , has shown time and time again just how humble and gracious he can be. Brian Boyle stressed this was just one example of many, but sticks out because it was his first night playing for Pittsburgh.

Brian Boyle reveals Sidney Crosby's true colors
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Sidney Crosby's True Nature Revealed by Brian Boyle

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