Matt Rempe and Nicolas Deslauriers do battle in an incredible fight.
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The best fight of the season award goes to Deslauriers and Rempe

Published February 24, 2024 at 3:56 PM

Matt Rempe debuted for the New York Rangers with a fight in their Stadium Series game, and it appears he's taking his role as a fourth-line enforcer very seriously.

Rempe and Deslauriers do battle in a massive fight

On Saturday that continued for Rempe, who dropped the gloves with Philadelphia's Nicolas Deslauriers in what can be described simply as the NHL's fight of the year.

One of the BEST hockey fights you'll ever see 😳🔥

Matt Rempe vs Nicolas Deslauriers 👊

The two traded blows for over 40 seconds with both landing big shots before the more experienced Deslauriers eventually got the best of Rempe, taking him to the ice.

Both men were given a standing ovation by the crowd who thoroughly enjoyed every second of the confrontation in what remains a 0-0 game. While we've seen Deslauriers in some battles before, Rempe has burst onto the scene with his physicality, so it's safe to say that over the coming months, we're going to see plenty more of this from both men.
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The best fight of the season award goes to Deslauriers and Rempe

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