NHL Official making a call after a goal review during the Montreal Canadiens game versus the Florida Panthers.
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Officials make stunning goal reversal in Montreal after huge mistake

Published April 3, 2024 at 10:31

Officials in the Montreal Canadiens versus Florida Panthers game made an epic fail when announcing the result of an official review, and had to make a correction leaving fans and players stunned.

It's safe to say that NHL Officials, like officials in every sport, don't get everything right. With the game being so fast and sometimes so subjective, there is so much room for mistakes to be made that it is hard to fault referees for everything that happens. However, what they usually get right is official reviews, where calls are sent to Toronto for a video review of what happened.

Last night during the Montreal Canadiens versus Florida Panthers game, though, they couldn't even get that right. During a play, the puck was being pushed under Panthers goaltender Anthony Stolarz's pad, and he appeared to be doing an excellent job of keeping his pad against the post to keep the puck out. After the play was blown dead, the officials called for a video review to make sure they had the right call.

After a video review, the official announced that the puck crossed the line, to the surprise of Montreal Fans and players. They celebrated accordingly, only to have that celebration cut short when the Official went back on the mic to say that there was a miscommunication, and the puck actually did not cross the line, so there was no goal.

"The most wtf decision I've seen in any NHL hockey game I've watched. LOL 😂🤦‍♂️ #ButPasBut #WTF #NHL #Canadiens"

With the end of the season coming fast, hopefully, officials will be able to get things right the first time during the playoffs, and hopefully, the Panthers will have all of their players back in the lineup when it matters.

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Officials make stunning goal reversal in Montreal after huge mistake

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