Wayne Gretzky Isn't a Fan of Matthew Tkachuk's Goal Celebration

Published May 25, 2023 at 2:47 PM

Tkachuk's Impressive Playoffs

Matthew Tkachuk is a standout player in the ongoing playoffs, delivering stellar performances without fail. Over the span of 16 games, he's managed to net nine goals and provide 12 assists. This impressive track record makes him a strong contender for the prestigious Conn Smythe Trophy, awarded to the player who proves most valuable during the playoffs.

Tkachuk's skills extend beyond just scoring; his dynamic presence on the ice is equally commendable. He is known for his engaging persona, adeptness, and infectious goal celebrations.

Offering his insights on Tkachuk's celebration style is none other than the legendary Wayne Gretzky, currently an analyst at TNT.

Gretzky's Take on Tkachuk's Goal Celebration

Gretzky, nicknamed "The Great One," was as renowned for his game-winning goal celebrations as he was for his unparalleled hockey skills. Recently, he weighed in on Tkachuk's celebration antics, specifically after the latter's overtime goal in game two against the Hurricanes, followed by an abrupt exit from the ice.

Gretzky expressed mild disappointment with Tkachuk's celebratory antics - or the lack thereof - on live television. He opined that Tkachuk should indulge in more flamboyant celebrations, particularly when playing on rival turf!

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Wayne Gretzky Isn't a Fan of Matthew Tkachuk's Goal Celebration

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