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Refs are being blamed for awful missed calls that ended the Oilers winning streak

Published February 8, 2024 at 4:07 PM

The Edmonton Oilers were on quest to make their win streak go up to 17 on Tuesday night vs the reigning Stanley cup champions, the Vegas Golden Knights. With a win vs them, they would would tie the NHL record of 17 straight wins tied with the 1992-93 Pittsburgh Penguins with the famous Mario Lemieux. The game eventually ended 3-1 in favour of Vegas, ending the Oilers impressive streak. Fans across the internet spread their outrage towards the officiating of the game.

Draisaitl robbed of a penalty

In a crucial moment during the game, Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl was slew footed, which was left blind by the refs which then caused a turnover leading to a Vegas goal just eight seconds later.

This type of play caused fans to burst into outrage and question the level of fairness and equality on the officiating.

Adding to this, the Oilers didn't get to have a full two minute powerplay as when they did have one, it would quickly get interrupted with an opposing penalty causing 4v4 play to occur.

Theorists have come up saying the NHL «tried to protect» the history of the winning streak record and didn't want to lose it to the Oilers.

We call none sense as in the game of hockey there will always be unexpected turn of events that will eventually favour a team later on whether you see it right away after the game or a few years later. No matter who says the game will always be 50/50, a team always ends up winning the officiating game. Referees are human to and may see things others don't.
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Refs are being blamed for awful missed calls that ended the Oilers winning streak

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