Oilers fans outraged by Canucks' insulting remarks about Jeff Skinner

Daniel Lucente
July 5, 2024  (9:58)

Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers is fighting with JT Miller of the Vancouver Canucks
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Canucks fans have been insulting the Oilers franchise for their signing of Jeff Skinner, which has not been sitting well with the Oilers fanbase.

On July 1st, the Oilers made a splash and signed forward Jeff Skinner to a one year contract worth $3 million. Skinner put up 24 goals and 22 assists in 74 games with a weak Buffalo Sabres team last season. Those strong numbers didn't stop Canucks fans from attacking the Oilers, but that also didn't stop Oilers fans from quickly clapping back.
Canucks fans
"Skinner on ur top line😂"
Acting as if he isnt head/shoulders above him in productin & skill

3x 25G
4x 19G or less
On a top team Boston

Jeff Skinner
10x over 20G
6x over 30G
One 40G season
Now he gets McJesus.

Yea, it's close 💀

Skinner had great seasons with the Buffalo Sabres despite being on a team that has been unable to qualify for the playoffs in what seems an eternity. One can only imagine the type of production that he will be able to put up on a team that has just went to the Stanley Cup finals.
Canucks fans were quick to turn their attacking remarks to Evander Kane, saying that he may not want to stay with the Oilers anymore, however, that didn't stop Oilers fans from showing the Canucks fans that even without Kane, the Oilers have a deep, deadly roster. Oilers fans even went as far as letting Flames fans know that Calgary will likely remain near the bottom of the division next season.
If Kane stays... LMFAO!!

You guys seriously look at that fucking roster 💀
who is playing in front of us.

Vancouver and Calgary literally shitty their drawers 😂😂😂😂😂

Oilers fans then got their revenge on Canucks fans for throwing shade, by showing how weak the Canucks roster looks, and that the team that Vancouver is planning to ice next season will likely not be scaring anyone. Oilers fans went as far as saying that the Canucks may not even make it in a wild card spot!
Is this supposed to scare anybody 💀

Canucks fans are going to be flabbergasted when their entire team doesn't post career highs & they're fighting for a wildcard spot.

It's pretty safe to say, that despite the season being 3 months away, there is no let up in the fight that we can expect to see all season long between the western Canadian foes. Let the games begin!
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Oilers vs Canucks fans
Oilers fans outraged by Canucks' insulting remarks about Jeff Skinner

Will the Oilers finish ahead of the Canucks next season?

Yes21469.7 %
No9330.3 %
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