Oilers Defenseman Value Continues To Skyrocket

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February 18, 2024  (10:16 PM)

Oilers Defenseman Evan Bouchard
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NHL defensemen are some of the most aggressive players, and that can come at a high cost to the team by the time contract season comes. Yet, when these players are also skilled at scoring goals, their value can skyrocket. That appears to be what is happening with one such player of the Edmonton Oilers.

Oilers Defensman's Value Skyrockets In Best Season So Far

Star defenseman from the Oilers Evan Bouchard is gaining popularity and increasing his value as a player in what can be described as his best season so far. He has reached personal records with 14 goals, 36 assists, and 50 points with almost half the season remaining. This is pushing this player even further into the group of the most elite defensive players in the league.
"Most Goals in the NHL by Defensemen:

1. MacKenzie Weegar (CGY), 15 goals, 55 GP.
2. Evan Bouchard (EDM), 14 goals, 51 GP.
2. Rasmus Dahlin (BUF), 14 goals, 53 GP.
2. Thomas Harley (DAL), 14 goals, 52 GP.
5. Cale Makar (COL), 13 goals, 50 GP."

Player Values Could Mean Trouble For The Oilers

With Bouchard's value at $3.9 million, it can only be expected that this 24-year-old defenseman will face one of the largest increases in salary with such an outstanding season turnaround. This performance has also set him up to bridge his contract to the bank after it expires in the 2024-25 season. This should be no surprise, as fans are already calling for him to receive more credit.
"Evan Bouchard has more goals than Cale Makar and Quinn Hughes, yet not a peep about it around the hockey world

I think it's finally time to give him the recognition he deserves, he makes those two other no names look human"

The end of his contract comes at the same time as Leon Drasisaitl's, and with fans shouting their appraisal for both of them, the bill could run high for Edmonton. Hopefully, for their sake, the Oilers can fork out the cash to keep some of their best defensemen. Currently at 11th in the league overall, they could still have a chance to shoot back into the higher placements with this season's star teams.
As seen on Edmonton Oilers defenceman is getting more expensive by the game
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Oilers Defenseman Value Continues To Skyrocket

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