Evander Kane of the Edmonton Oilers.
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Mark Spector calling out Evander Kane for being a drama queen

Published April 23, 2024 at 7:36 PM

Most fans have known it for quite some time, but now a top Oilers insider has called out Evander Kane for being a drama queen.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are now here, and while most should be talking about the Oilers matchup with the Kings and their chase for a Cup, Evander Kane made it about himself once more, by publicly revealing his injury ahead of the series.

Evander Kane has a sports hernia and hopes to play in game one. He admits he's not fully up to speed, however.

While it's admirable, yet expected for players to tough it out down the stretch, announcing this before the playoffs was an interest move from Kane, putting the attention on himself once more rather than focusing on the team. While it wasn't made a big deal publicly in the media, renowned insider and reporter Mark Spector has called him out for being a ‘bringer of drama'.

"He doesn't run his course as a player. He runs his course as a bringer of drama." - @SportsnetSpec

It's no secret that wherever Kane has gone in his career, drama has quickly followed, and if he can't produce in these playoffs, it's likely that the Oilers will attempt to move him this summer, despite still being under contract with the team moving forward.
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Mark Spector calling out Evander Kane for being a drama queen

Will Kane be with the Oilers in 2024-25?

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