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6 teams have been hit with Salary cap penalties by the NHL

Published April 23, 2024 at 5:45 PM

In a recent report from the Daily Faceoff, NHL Insider Frank Seravalli revealed that at least six teams will be assessed salary cap penalties by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

It is no secret that some teams will use cap overage penalties strategically, going over budget to get closer one season and have less to manage the following. However, many fans may be shocked to learn that
according to Seravalli's findings, there will be six teams facing more than $1 million in salary cap overage penalties that will carry over next season, constituting the largest NHL cap overage fees total in history.

"Sources: Six #NHL teams will carry at least $1 mil in bonus overage penalties onto next season's salary cap - an all-time high.

Part of that was planned, pre-spending a portion of the projected $4.3m increase. Some wasn't."

In addition to the six teams facing a seven-figure penalty, five other teams on the list are guaranteed to assess penalties and two more still have conditions to manage. With thirteen teams, this is about 40 percent of the league. The Edmonton Oilers have the most overage, with nearly a quarter of the expected total fees, which are just over $15 million.

Fans are of course heavily divided on this bombshell. Many argue on whether or not this constitutes team cheating, or if this is just to be expected as a regular part of the modern NHL.

Whether or not you believe this is cheating, there is something to be said about how it impacts the game. Hopefully the NHL can figure out a way to prevent this excess overage from occurring in the future.

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Report: NHL hits 6 teams with salary cap penalties
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6 teams have been hit with Salary cap penalties by the NHL

Is it cheating for teams to use salary cap penalties strategically?

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