Connor McDavid Shocks Rival During Off-Season Workout

Published August 7, 2023 at 2:53 PM

Anyone who has been on the ice opposite or alongside Connor McDavid is well aware of just how talented and incredibly tough he is to play against, but in off-season workouts, he still manages to impress.

A former division rival


Recently, former LA Kings and current Arizona Coyotes defenseman Sean Durzi has been working out with McDavid, and after all those playoff battles, he's revealed that he is still shocked at how much No. 97 impresses.

The work ethic stands out. To be able to go on the ice with him, with them, every day, and be in the gym pushing each other, it's second to none that I've seen.

According to Durzi, the work ethic is second to none, and given his constant improvement year after year, it's safe to say this is a big reason for his success on the ice.

Is this finally the year?

Despite all that improvement and regular season production, McDavid and the Oilers are yet to record a win in the Western Conference Finals with their top star, and now, the pressure continues to ramp up.

If the rest of the team posses this work ethic and can continue to improve and grow, as well as goaltending stepping up in the playoffs, this is a team that could finally make a run, so keep an eye on McDavid, Leon Draisaitl and the Oilers this year.

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Connor McDavid Shocks Rival During Off-Season Workout

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