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Chaos Ensues At Oilers Game As Fans Get Into Fisticuffs In The Stands

Published December 15, 2023 at 8:20 PM

It has been a tough season so far for Oilers fans. Last night was no exception as the team lost 7-4 despite dominating the Tampa Bay Lightning in shots and scoring chances. Some fans seemed to react poorly to this as multiple fights broke out in the stands.

Oilers Fans Fight In The Stands At Rogers Place

Last night, the Edmonton Oilers hosted the Tampa Bay Lightning. It was a game that many Oilers fans would like to forget, especially for those who engaged in some extra curricular activities. Several fans were recorded fighting in the stands as their team embarrassed themselves again.

Couple fights broke out at the Oilers game last night

While the on-ice product last night was disappointing, nothing is more embarrassing and disappointing from a fanbase then when fights break out at games. Sports are meant to be a collective way for us to enjoy some free time and have a sense of community. We should not be tearing each other down and physically hurting each other for any reason at hockey games, or any sports event for that matter.

According to one fan, one of the people in these videos is actually a repeat offender, although there is no solid evidence to back up the claim.

I'm shocked the Draisaitl jersey guy is still allowed in, this is not the first time I've seen this exact guy pummel someone in the stands.

That being said though, it is not totally uncommon to see familiar faces in the crowd at hockey games. While this behavior is totally unacceptable, if it is true that this particular fan is a repeat offender, then perhaps the team should step in and prevent him from attending future events at Rodgers Place.
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Chaos Ensues At Oilers Game As Fans Get Into Fisticuffs In The Stands

What should the punishment be for fans who engage in this behavior?

Season-long ban from arena17633.5 %
Lifetime ban from arena23745.1 %
Some kind of fine458.6 %
Nothing6812.9 %
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