Nathan MacKinnon skates during a game against the Florida Panthers
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BREAKING: Nathan MacKinnon Heads to Locker Room After Ice Mishap

Published February 10, 2024 at 9:06 PM

Nathan MacKinnon, the star forward for the Avalanche, had fans holding their breath when he went face-first into the ice on Saturday in Sunrise, Florida.

It was a nail-biting showdown between the Avalanche and the reigning Eastern Conference champs, the Florida Panthers. All eyes were on MacKinnon, the Avalanche's superstar and Hart Trophy candidate. Unfortunately, disaster struck as MacKinnon took a nasty fall during the match, leaving everyone worried about his well-being.

MacKinnon's Injury: Avalanche Fans on Edge

In a tough spot near the Panthers' net, MacKinnon got tangled up and ended up slamming his face onto the ice. The 28-year-old wasted no time returning to the locker room for a closer look. His absence from the rest of the game left fans on edge and the Avalanche bench feeling the impact during their disappointing 4-0 loss. Here's hoping for some good news about MacKinnon's health soon!

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BREAKING: Nathan MacKinnon Heads to Locker Room After Ice Mishap

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