Sam Gagner fighting Flames general manager Craig Conroy
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Video Emerges Of Fight Between Active Oilers Forward And Flames General Manager Craig Conroy

Published February 10, 2024 at 4:38 PM

The Edmonton Oilers reunited with long-time NHL veteran Sam Gagner this year. Recently, a video emerged of him taking on Craig Conroy in a fight. It is quite amusing to see a player who is still active in the league fighting another player that has since become a general manager.

Gagner Demolishes Flames General Manager Craig Conroy In Fight

Craig Conroy is one of the younger general managers in the National Hockey League. In fact, he is young enough that some players that were active in his final years as a player are still playing. One of those players is Oilers forward Sam Gagner, who Conroy is surely familiar with. The two players had an intense fight back in 2009, just Gagner's second year in the league.

Just my goat fighting the Flames GM.

Gagner Revitalizing Career With Team That Drafted him

Gagner was drafted 6th overall all the way back in 2007 by the Oilers. He went on to play seven seasons with the club before bouncing around the league several times, including a reunion with the Oilers from 2018-2020. This year, he joined the squad once again as he signed a one-year deal with the club. He has 5 goals and 10 points in 22 games so far, proving that he can still be a valuable depth contributor.

Sam Gagner this season has 10 points in 22 games - 0.45 points per game. He also has a 55.6% GF% and a 58% xGF% at 5v5.

Janmark has 6 points in 35 games - 0.17 points per game. He has a GF% of 47.6% and xGF% of 54% at 5v5.

It's not just a couple goals Gagner, has been better

As seen on Oilers fan favourite player demolishes Flames GM Craig Conroy in wild fight
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Video Emerges Of Fight Between Active Oilers Forward And Flames General Manager Craig Conroy

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